Things to remember when photographing st george


There are things to remember when you are photographing at St. George.

  1. Bring the right photography equipment
  2. Pick the right time of day

When  I first started to  do photography  I had no idea of how important these two things but soon after I started taking pictures and looking at my end result I realized that I was going to need some help.

I hired Herb Stokes he owns a portrait photography studio and he specializes in Commercial Photography. I asked him what I was doing wrong and what I need to be doing to make my images better.

He replied to me what time of day I was photographing at and also what lenses that I was using. I did not know that it was so crucial to pay attention to these things.

The fist thing he told me that I had to invest in a 35mm lens for my digital cannon. I asked why is it so? He told me that everything that  you are  trying to accomplish in portrait work is usually the opposite in landscape photography. In portrait photography your f stop is wide open and in landscape to increase the DOF you want to shoot it around f8 or 11. In portrait photography  you choose a long lens to also increase you DOF but in landscape you want a lens that does the opposite of that and instead of a 200mm lens that is why you want a 35mm lens.

The second thing but just as important is the time of day. Herb asked me “When you look at a landscape picture in a article that you admire does it look like that it was taken noon or are there heavy shadows? That is because they were taken in the early morning or the late evening.” From there he told me that the reason why is because the axis of the earth and during the evening and morning the light travels through the earth’s atmosphere and it softens the light.

After all of that info and he left I tried to do landscape photography the way he told me to do it and btw it was a world of difference.

So when you come to photograph St. George remember these two tips so you can get the best images of the beautiful landscape here.

Till next time keep photographing.